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Alaska hatched here at Muftin Geckos on 8/15/06. Her dam was from Geckoville, her sire was from Albey's "Too Cool" Reptiles.

Alaska was supposed to be temperature sexed for female, but Portland had some extreme heat waves during the incubation. So we'll just have to wait and see what gender s/he decides on. (Update- she is definitely female.) Of my 2006 hatchlings, it's my opinion that she is the strongest example of a 'snow phase.' While she does have yellow tints, she has a gorgeous, wavy striped pattern and solid outcrossed genes. If I had room to hold a hatchling back for breeding purposes, I would keep Alaska. Oh- and she does have a few toe tips missing.

6/27/07: 26.0 g
10/29/07: 25.9 g
3/7/08: 32.3 g






Alaska and her mother on 3/7/08

Alaska and her father

Here are a few photos taken on 10/29/07, when she weighed 25.9g.


That is Steve-O to the right of her.

Alaska was the first hatchling of 2006, as well as the first hatchling for both Veruca and Adonis! When she hatched she was incredibly tolerant of handling. If she squeed at all, it was only a mild protest. After her time in the nursery, she was moved to group housing in a full-size setup. Alaska, Steve-O, Terri, and (later on) Impi all did well together. Alaska seems to be smart (after her mother, not her father, heh). As soon as fresh food is put in, she's on it. She gets a good bit of food before Terri notices and muscles in for the best spot. She's also pretty good about sharing humid hides and such with her tankmates. There is a funny story behind Alaska's name, you may email me if you'd like to hear it.

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Alaska's full siblings are:

Terri (2006)

Steve-O (2006)

Alaska's half-siblings are:

Spark (2006)

Hope (2007)

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