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Adonis is my primary stud. I purchased him from Albey's 'Too Cool' Reptiles in June of 2005. He hatched on 10/16/04.

Adonis is a fine example of a snow phase leopard gecko. He does not have any yellow pigment, that I can find, in any lighting. His overall coloration has a somewhat light and airy feel, his spots not being as boldly defined against his background as in some other snows. He does have some light lavendar banding, that is visible in bright lighting. in terms of his pattern, he is banded, but is heterozygous for jungle patterning. Whenever I take him out to get some sun, he always gets oohs and ahhs from passersby.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05. He was 55.7g at the time, and has grown since then.









Adonis is a very sweet, mellow guy. He doesn't strike me as the brightest lightbulb in the chandelier, but he makes up for it with his simple charm and trusting smile. This young man does definitely have a great example of the 'leopard gecko' grin. Adonis is probably the most gentle and calm of my males. He's also on the large side. Though he hasn't caught up with Caiman yet, I'm betting he will in time.

Adonis is the sire of:

Alaska (2006)

Steve-O (2006)

Terri (2006)

Spark (2006)

Hope (2007)

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