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With regards to purchases, the basic scheme is as follows:

1. Read the full Terms & Conditions, to make sure that you are satisfied with following them.

2. Make sure you read the individual page of the gecko you are interested in IN FULL. After you have made your decision, email me regarding the gecko you are interested in.

3. I will email you my address, and you will mail me a signed, paper copy of my full Terms & Conditions.

4. I will let you know that you can proceed with payment.

5. Once it goes through, I will ship your gecko.

***The Full Terms & Conditions Are Located Here***

**I have finished researching the best method to ship, and I will be shipping via UPS (I believe it is called 'Next Day Air'). All geckos will be shipped with styrofoam insulation, a heat/cold pack if needed, peanuts for shock absorption, tracking, and very clear labeling. Someone must be there to receive the gecko, and I expect their tank to be ready for them upon their arrival.**

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