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This page is where I share photos and info about the leos of mine that are not currently breeding. *click above*


This is where I show pictures of all my breeders, discuss my breeding plans, and share my future ideas. *click above*

All of my leopard geckos are my pets, and are spoiled rotten. However, to keep things organized, I've decided to maintain separate pages for those geckos of mine that are currently being bred, versus those that are not.

Both my breeding and non-breeding geckos are housed together (sometimes sharing a tank, sometimes not). They are provided the same care (though breeding females get the most food, of course). Sometime soon, I'll try and get some pictures up of my colony. First, though, I'm just going to try and get the basics put together (I've never made a website before, it's pretty time-consuming). Anyways, suffice to say, for now, that I care for my geckos following my own advice on my 'Care Tips' page.

I also have quite a few pets that are not leopard geckos. You can read about them on the 'About Me' page, if you like.

Featured Leopard Gecko of the Moment:


This is Terri, daughter of Adonis and Veruca.
Terri surprised the crud out of me by gradually turning more snow (NOT what usually happens!).

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