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Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Prospective customers will let me know what conditions they intend to keep their gecko in. Preference will be given for those who describe conditions that sound optimal in my opinion (e.g., feeding a variety of insects, especially silkworms).

2. All geckos purchased will be housed with, at minimum, a setup including: a humid hide (a must), water source at least 50% of the time, food, a heat source (under tank heater or basking light, no heat rocks, not to exceed 95F), and room to get away from the heat source.

3. Geckos will only be sold to those who are prepared to take responsibility for them for their entire lifespan (up to 28 years). ‘Getting rid’ of them because of a move, having a baby, or going to college is unethical.

4. Preference will be given for those who do not intend to breed the gecko (especially females). If you intend to breed him/her, preference will be given to customers who are against breeding related geckos (inbreeding/linebreeding). Breeding loans may be proposed, especially if you are a breeder with whom I have done business before. I’ll consider each request on a case by case basis. The same goes for gecko trades.

5. At any point prior to shipping, I may decide not to proceed with the sale, for any reason. In the case of such a termination post-payment, a full refund will be made. The same applies to you as the customer.

6. Every customer will let me know the reptile or exotics specialist veterinarian they plan to use (though a non-specialist veterinarian is fine in an unexpected emergency). You will be obligated to treat your gecko for any health issues that may arise during its lifetime, while it is in your care. If you are unable to at any time, you will contact me immediately. I will reimburse for the veterinary costs once you return the gecko to me.

7. I will not sell animals to a minor under 18. I understand that this may be frustrating, but I waited to get my lip pierced until I was 18, so you can wait for one of my geckos.

8. If at any time you decide to sell/give away your gecko, you will contact me first and offer to sell it back to me before posting it elsewhere.

9. If you are dissatisfied with your gecko, you will let me know within 7 days of reception, and ship it back to me (after it has had at 3 days to recover from being shipped to you). I will refund your money upon its safe arrival, minus shipping.

10. After I have decided to sell the gecko to you, I will notify you, and put the gecko on hold. The gecko will be on hold until I receive (via mail) a copy of these Terms and Conditions with your signature. A gecko may be put on hold for a month or longer at my discretion. Once I receive a copy of these Terms signed by you, I will let you know that I am prepared to receive payment. After payment has been rendered (and cleared), I will ship your new gecko to you.

11. If you purchase multiple geckos, only one signed copy of the Terms needs to be sent to me. However, the terms shall apply to all animals I sell you.

12. Live arrival is guaranteed. Animals will be shipped by an agreed-upon method, cost will be paid by the customer unless otherwise specified. Shipping may be postphoned, at my discretion, if weather conditions are extreme (I will let you know prior to payment if possible). Heat or cold packs will be supplied during shipping as needed. I will contact you before shipping. Someone must be present to receive the gecko upon its arrival.

13. At the moment, I accept payment via Paypal (preferred), personal check, money order, and cashier’s check. Prices are in US dollars. Payment should be made out to Marla Blaney.

14. I guarantee that all geckos are healthy, and that they are honestly represented.

15. Sex will be guaranteed as indicated for each gecko.

16. You may contact me at any time with husbandry questions, and I will do my best to help you out in a timely manner.

17. You will let me know if you change your email address. This is so that I can put you on a list to let you know if my information changes, I will not share your information with anyone. I am devoted to being available as indicated for the lifetime of your gecko.

18. I can only sell geckos to customers within the 48 continental states of the USA. I apologize for the inconvenience.

By signing, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions, that you understand and accept them, and will follow through on them once a transaction has been made.

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