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This little one hatched on 10/22/06. Her dam was Trox (Masterpiece Geckos bloodlines), and her sire was Adonis (Albey's bloodlines).

This tiny baby was born with white areas the brightest of any of my hatchlings yet. She was Trox's first hatchling at Muftin Geckos. She was an only child (only one egg laid). She passed on 11/20/07.




These photos were all taken the day s/he hatched.

Settling down
Taking a brief break from frantic motion.

This eensy baby came out of the egg like a rocket! She loved to make a break for it the second anything seems awry. Spark seemed to thrive.

When she was about 2.5 weeks old, I noticed matter hanging from her vent. I took her to my exotic vet right away, where I dropped her off for medical boarding, as I had to leave for work for the weekend. When I came home from work, I learned that my best friend, Becca, had died. I called the vet and asked them to keep Spark on medical boarding, as I didn't think I was capable of providing her the level of care she needed. After 10 days of boarding, and what seemed like marked improvement, she passed on at only 29 days old.

After an extensive necropsy, it seems that she had an external skin infection, related to improper conditions for shedding (though she had no retained sheds). This led to the problems in her GI tract. Ultimately, she succumbed to infection, likely due to her small size and young age. After Spark passed on, I re-designed the nurseries to retain more moisture. I also decided to move the hatchlings to a full-size setup (after an adjustment period in the nursery), where I can more accurately maintain steady conditions.

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Spark is the full sibling of:

Hope (2007)

Spark is the half-sibling of:

Terri (2006)

Steve-O (2006)

Alaska (2006)

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