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Hope hatched on 6/17/07. Her dam was Trox (Masterpiece Geckos bloodlines), and her sire was Adonis (Albey's bloodlines).




Hope's Story

When Trox died, she left behind three fertile eggs in the incubator. The oldest hatched on 6/17/07, and I named her 'Hope.'

I remember the day I came home, and (as I had been doing for a while), ran to the incubator to check. I was shocked when I discovered nothing but an empty egg shell! I eventually tracked Hope down, who had skee-daddled to a preferable spot in the incubator.

I set her up in royal fashion, with a 10 gallon tank all to herself. I got several kinds of food. But she never ate or really even moved. At only a few days old, I found she had peacefully passed on.

Hope had a banded pattern, and was quite yellow. She was also very small. I never got to take a picture of her.

This page is also dedicated to all hatchlings that never really got a chance.

Hope is the full sibling of:

Spark (2006)

Hope is the half-sibling of:

Terri (2006)

Steve-O (2006)

Alaska (2006)

Over the Rainbow Bridge

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