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Veruca is on the tiny side. She came from Geckoville (now defunct) in Summer of 2003. She hatched on 5/30/03.

Veruca is a full-bodied stripe. She's a petite little girl with a delicate build. She has yellow hues, but no predominant lavender. I got her along with Mew, Caiman, and Pablo. She's another example of a leo that was black & white when she was a juvenile, that went on to develop yellow coloration.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05, when she was 46g.





Veruca was named after the character from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' When she was a baby, she was pretty skittish and stand-offish. Since then, she's come around nicely. She grew up sharing a tank with Mew and Pablo (after Caiman traded with Pablo- he had to be evicted for being a boy). She was bred to Rasputin in 2005, with no luck at all (though one half-term embryo led me to discover that Rasputin is het for jungle). The 2006 season has been much more successful- Alaska was successfully hatched (how I learned that Adonis is also het for jungle), and both eggs hatched from her last clutch (see the News page). These days, she rooms very peacefully with Lemmy. The pair seem to get along quite nicely.

**10/07 update** Veruca "threw" three beautiful babies in the 2006 season, and I didn't breed her in 2007. She and Lemmy are still cohabitating very peacefully.

Veruca's baby picture!
This photo was taken by Geckoville.

Veruca is the dam of:

Alaska (2006)

Steve-O (2006)

Terri (2006)

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