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This little one hatched on 11/21/06. Owen's dam is Myrtle (Albey's bloodlines), and her sire is Caiman (Geckoville bloodlines).

Owen is currently very dark, dominated by purples and grays (I'll post current picture ASAP). Owen also has half a stub tail.



These photos were all taken the day Owen hatched.



Owen's story is very special to me. That Sunday, I had just come back from a trip to spread my best friend's ashes. She had died unexpectedly a week earlier, from complications of diabetes. Monday, I got the call that Spark, who had been in the veterinary hospital for medical boarding, had also unexpectedly died. Tuesday came, and there was a tiny gecko, waiting to surprise me in the incubator.

Owen hatched a week early. Her egg yolk wasn't fully absorbed, and her stomach hadn't sealed shut yet. I was distraught. Such a frail newborn would be an easy target for infection. I designed a special chamber for Owen in the incubator, trying to keep everything clean and moist but still allow air exchange. Owen stayed in the chamber for a week or so, until I saw that the belly had fully closed. I was a ball of nerves, I figured the odds were high that Owen would get an infection or not be able to process food properly. But Owen defied the odds and thrived.

For a while, Owen was raised in an individual nursery area. At a few months of age, Owen moved in to a full 10 gallon setup with her sibling Impi. To my horror, when Owen was 5 months old, Impi bit off and ate part of her tail! I couldn't believe it, I was furious, They were well-fed and had plenty of room. I moved Impi into the other hatchling tank (Alaska, Steve-O, and Terri), where everyone was slightly bigger than him, while Owen recuperated.

I am inclined to keep Owen, so I will not be listing her on the 'available' page. However, if there is a strong interest, I might consider selling her to the right sort of customer. If you want Owen, send me an email telling me why, and I'll consider it.

Owen's full siblings are:

Stewie (2005)

Impi (2006)

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