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This little one hatched on 12/17/06. Impi's dam is Myrtle (Albey's bloodlines), and her sire is Caiman (Geckoville bloodlines).

Impi is banded, and not a snow phase gecko. She has a yellow hue with a few orange points. She looks a lot like a female, banded version of her father. I think she has a really tiny tail kink too.

6/27/07: 19.0g

3/7/08: 33.4g



Impi and her mother

Impi and her father

These photos of Impi are from 3/7/08



Click here for more pictures of Impi.

Impi is a real firecracker. She's been feisty since she first squirmed out of her egg, squeeing at me when I picked her up to put her in the nursery. She was the last hatchling of 2006 for Muftin Geckos. After her initial stay in the nursery, she moved in with sibling Owen to a full-sized tank.

While working for LMP on the road, I met a Boston Terrier pup. His owner was South African, so I chatted to her about the RSA. She told me that Impi means 'warrior' in Zulu (I admit, I haven't double-checked). I thought the name would be perfect for a critter that was both fierce and impish. 'Impi' was a perfect name for the presumptuous little gecko.

Impi astounded me with her supreme naughtiness when she bit off a piece of Owen's tail, and ate it! While I didn't witness it, I couldn't find the tail piece in the tank, and there was no other reason for Owen to have dropped her tail. Impi was moved in to the other hatchling tank (with Alaska, Steve-O, and Terri), where everyone else is just enough larger than her that I think they're safe, and so Owen can recuperate. Impi is currently still doing fine, but definitely at the bottom of the dominance chain for once. Ever since then she has behaved herself.

Impi's full siblings are:

Stewie (2005)

Owen (2006)

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