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Caiman is my secondary male. I purchased him from Geckoville in Summer of 2003. He hatched on 5/24/03.

I got Caiman when he was just a wee bebe. When I first saw him, I thought his eyes somehow looked a bit like a hatchling caiman, which is how he got his name. I purchased him at the same time as Mew, Pablo, and Veruca. Caiman was actually temperature-sexed to be female as well. One day, however, I noticed he had other plans in mind! From then on, he's lived alone (with conjugal visits), and grown into a huge male. He has a wonderful, bold-stripe pattern. His coloration is mostly yellow, with some lavender spots here and there, around the striping. When he was a juvenile, he was mostly black & white. He always looks like he's smirking.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05.










Caiman is a big guy. When these photographs were taken, he weighed 92g! As you can see, he has pronounced secondary sexual characteristics, with his thick neck and large head. When I say he's my secondary male, I don't mean to devalue him- he will always be my baby. I just mean that he's being bred to fewer females. I'm hoping to pass his lovely striped pattern on to his offspring. It's the funniest thing- because of his markings, he always looks kind of grumpy. But on the back of his head, he has a smiley face pattern. heh. Like Rasputin, he's had problems with shedding properly in the past. Many times I've had to help him get the bits stuck off his toes, though he seems to finally be learning. One time, the very, very tip of his tail had some retained shed. I soaked him for hours, but it wouldn't come off, and he got upset whenever I tried to tweeze it. Eventually, most of it came off, but he lost about a millimeter or so of the tip of his tail. If you look very closely, you can see how his tail has a rounded tip.

Caiman's baby picture!
Taken by Geckoville- copyrighted to them.

Caiman is the sire of:

Stewie (2005)

Owen (2006)

Impi (2006)

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