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Welcome to Muftin Geckos!

My name is Marla Blaney, and I'm a leopard gecko addict. Here you'll find information about my leopard gecko colony.  I used to breed my geckos, and was primarily interested in the selectively-bred snow phase.  I especially love bold stripes and speckleds!  Right now I'm in veterinary school, and I don't have the time it would take to ethically breed geckos, so my little ones are happy just being pets. 
Looking for a leopard gecko?  There are many reptiles in need of forever homes too, adoption is not just for cats and dogs- so think adoption first.

I'm a little different from most of the leopard gecko breeders out there, for a couple reasons. I feel like these differences make me distinctive in the hobby, and I hope that you'll feel the same.

I only have a few geckos that I breed. Most reptile breeders keep their animals in rack systems, by virtue of necessity. Since I don't have that many animals (relatively speaking), I can provide them with the luxury of living in tanks. I feel this makes them less skittish and better quality pets.

Unlike some breeders, I am firmly against inbreeding. Inbreeding is a common practice in the herp world, including that of the leopard gecko. My academic background has led me to believe that the practice of inbreeding is detrimental to all the animals involved, as well as the hobby in general.

Keen gecko enthusiasts may notice that I refer to my geckos as 'selectively bred' snows instead of 'linebred' snows (often used interchangeably). This is because many snow phase geckos have been inbred to increase the speed with which the breeder can produce offspring with a certain look. Every single one of my offspring is outcrossed, every effort has been made on my part to avoid crossing bloodlines. I would much rather produce healthy offspring that are slightly less white than risk deformity & poor health.

You may also notice that my Terms & Conditions are very stringent. Frankly, here at Muftin Geckos, the geckos come first. Customer service is a goal too, but the health and welfare of the animals is # 1. I mean, come on, I am selling my grand-babies here!

An example of one of the wee darlings available:


**A quick note: none of the geckos I am breeding are Mack snows, insofar as I know. While I think Mack snows are beautiful, I am sticking to the old-fashioned, selectively-bred kind. Mack snows are geckos which owe their white color to an incomplete dominance gene, as opposed to selective breeding.**

**contact me**

Warning: I am somewhat technologically inept, and have never made a website before. If you find a problem, please email me and let me know. I'm aware that the pictures are too large & slow to load, and I'm going to rectify that once I get a new set of photos up. But be patient- I really have no idea what I'm doing. Also, everything is still under construction.

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