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Things at Muftin Geckos are very tough right now. One of my geckos, Trox, passed on with virtually no warning yesterday. It looks like her gall bladder may have ruptured, but I'm waiting until I get the full necropsy results back, including the pathology, to draw any conclusions. I will update her page with a more detailed report as soon as I can.

For right now, all I can say is that I'm very, very upset. It was very hard to make myself drive her remains to my exotics veterinarian for her necropsy. But any owner owes it to their pet to do so when any uncertainty about COD exists. That way an owner can learn from any errors they may have made, and the veterinarians can learn to better recognize conditions from their symptoms. Though I really hope that I didn't contribute to her passing, it mostly hurts to think of how it was not peaceful. The second I realized something was wrong, I ran to the emergency vet (it was late), and I'm glad I tried.

I still have three of her eggs in the incubator. I am really hoping they make it. To increase the odds, I've purchased a brand new container and perlite to move them into. I miss her, I keep looking for her in her tank. She was the super-gorgeous, star female of my collection. But she was also an even-tempered, interesting little girl.

Trox the Glamour Gecko.
This is the nicest photo of her, it was taken by Tundra Geckos when they had her (thus the logo).


I apologize for the lengthy absence, but I'm gradually getting back in the saddle again. As to be expected, all sorts of things have been happening here at Muftin Geckos.

So, I'll start with a quick re-cap of last season. Adonis and Veruca had a total of three beautiful hatchlings (Alaska, Steve-O, and Terri). Caiman and Myrtle had two (Owen and Impi). Each was brought up, more or less individually, in the nursery until this February, when they were set up in groups in 10 gallon tanks. To my horror, in April, Impi bit off and ate the tip of Owen's tail! While it is growing back, Impi is in with the other brood. Last season also had a tragedy with the loss of Trox's first and only hatchling to date, Spark. I will work on updating each gecko's story on their individual page with more detail. Soon they will, at last, be ready to go up for sale.

This season I decided to retire Myrtle. She's a wonderful gecko, and, at 5 years old, more than deserving of her cherished solitude. Rasputin is also being retired, for humorous reasons (see his page for more). Right now, I'm focusing on breeding Trox and Penguin, with mixed results. Penguin has laid all duds, and I'm guessing it's because Caiman is being lazy. Trox is laying fertile eggs (with Adonis), but they have been turning after being in the incubator for a while. One egg has been stubbornly holding its ground. I'll give updates as they come. I hope to have current pictures soon (all of these on the site are old), but I can't find my blasted camera battery recharger.


A very close friend of mine, Becca Gucciardi, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on November 12th. I love her very much, and I miss her terribly. I have been hit very hard by this. She was 25, and a pre-vet student also. We would dream of opening a practice together in the future.

Additionally, Trox's first and only hatchling (Spark) has died. A few days before Becca's death, it developed a prolapse. I put him in medical boarding for 10 days, and he seemed to be coming around. He ultimately succumbed to infection. I'm still waiting for the full necropsy results. When I learn what I can about it, I will add his story to Jeeves, Bug, and Slims'. Personally, I can't believe I have lost another one.

To make things even harder here, one egg of the first clutch of Myrtle's from this year decided to hatch about a month prematurely. It had yet to absorb its egg yolk, and I was sure it wouldn't survive. I made a sterile, moist chamber for it in the incubator. It seems to have successfully absorbed its yolk & be doing well, but I remain cautious. I have named it Owen, which was my friend's middle name.

During these hard times, please be extra patient with me. I am still dedicated to caring for my leos, but progress on the website itself will likely go slowly.

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