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Trox's first hatchling here!
Taking a look at the camera.

What a surprise! I got home from work to discover that Trox's egg had hatched! A feisty new addition, this is Trox's first hatchling at Muftin Geckos. In other news, I'm disatisfied with Terri's growth, so I've partitioned her/him from Steve-O for the time being. I've also started occasional hand feedings.


Today I've attempted to add a guestbook feature on my 'Contact' page. I hope it works out, I'd like to be able to hear from any visitors I may have. I'm also planning on adding a poll to the main page soon.


Myrtle has laid another clutch! Also- Trox's single egg from a while back is just about fit to burst!

In other news, I finally got my VMCAS application in a while back. Wish me luck!


Today was kind of a bummer for me. I went to the Unique Animal Expo at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Lo and behold, I met a nice guy who also has a Glacier Geckos! So, as you may have noticed, I'm changing my name. I'm not irritated by it, just a wee bit crestfallen. Thusly, Muftin Geckos has been born. I might change it later, but it'll do for now. At least it fits my domain name, eh?


Suprisingly, Trox's single egg is still hanging in there. Myrtle's clutch is still doing very well. Alaska has been growing like a little weed, and looks awesome! Terri and Steve-O seem to be getting used to being out of the egg too. I moved Stewie to a more public tank, as I think she just needs a little help at mellowing out.

Mostly, I'm just stressed out about the vet school applicaiton. Almost done, though.


I really don't have time to be making an update, as I have to run off for work, but I just had to. Myrtle has laid a fertile clutch! I was suspecting something lately, but I wasn't sure. When I saw her peeking out of her humid hide/laying chamber yesterday, giving me that protective stare, I knew it for sure. They have been transferred to the incubator (much to Myrtle's chagrin), and they both look good so far. yay!


I've decided to name the two newest hatchlings Steve and Terri. I know it seems silly, but I realized that those two were hatching right when Steve Irwin passed on. Just a way of remembering and celebrating their contribution with new life. The names fit, too. Little Steve-O galavants around the nursery like he owns it, and Terri (who's a little smaller) follows, curious, after.

In other news, I've been putting a lot of energy into fixing up the last touches of my veterinary school application. I'm dissatisfied with the tiny amount of space they allow for answering questions and describing experiences, but I guess I understand, given how many they have to go through. I hope to get some new pictures of all my leos up soon, but it will likely have to wait until after I send my completed application in.


I'm feeling pretty down about the death of Steve Irwin. He was kind of a hero of mine. He dedicated his life to getting people to experience, appreciate, and love all kinds of animals, and therefore to want to protect and conserve them. His heart was in the right place, and he tried so hard. He was a good man, and it saddens me a lot that he's gone. I wish there were more people who cared as much as he did.


The younger hatchling taking a break during hatching.

The (slightly) older hatchling having a look around.

Veruca's second clutch of the season has hatched! Both eggs made it all the way. The first baby hatched Sunday night, the second baby was caught hatching this evening. Congratulations, Veruca and Adonis! Three successful hatchlings so far!

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