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Slinky is a strange little creature. I purchased her, along with Rasputin and Binky, in the Summer of 2004 from an online ad. She is estimated to have hatched in the Fall of 2003.

The photo above isn't very representative of her. She's much darker. However, at the moment, it's the only digital one of her I have at my disposal. If you look closely, you can see that she has what appears to be some paradox spotting. The most predominant one is on the top of her head, off to the side. I think she is banded, though I can't be sure. She's a slender girl.

The photo above is the original photo from the advertisement I responded to in 2004.

Slinky could be described as missing a few nuts and bolts. She's pretty spazzy, beats up on cagemates, and will randomly decide that she doesn't want to be held anymore. Her bizarre attitude is kind of endearing- she looks suspiciously at me with her googly eyes, and I can't help but chuckle. She has a formidable appetite- woe betide any silkworm in her vicinity!

She had quite the rough start. First getting stuck in a post office on her way to me, she then scared me by rapidly dropping weight. After curing her of the pinworms she had when she arrived, she proceeded to have difficulty shedding. Since all three of those guys that I got together have had that problem, I wonder if they were never provided humid hides before they moved in with me... Luckily, she has mostly recovered, and has overcome her fear of sitting in her humid hide. I suspect that she is literally related to both Binky and Rasputin (see Bug's story, below). I was led to think the opposite when i bred her and Rasputin together in 2005. In 2006, she's been exposed to Adonis. While I've seen some eggs, and they were fertile, i keep catching them after they've been too long in too moist a substrate. At least, i think it's me. I might give up on breeding her, if her pattern weren't so interesting, and her eyelids so distinctive.

**10/07 update** Well, the 2006 season was unproductive for Slinky, and I decided not to try and breed her in 2007. She's still as nutty as ever, by gum!

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