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Rasputin has the dubious honor of being my weeniest male. I purchased him from a clueless hobbyist in the Summer of 2004. He is estimated to have hatched in Fall of 2003.

Rasputin is a very interesting guy. He's small, edgy, and has a major attitude. I purchased him along with Binky and Slinky, and soon thereafter discovered they had pinworms (good thing i quarantined them). He used to be the most poorly socialized leo I'd encountered. He would bite and squirm and thrash and defecate and urinate- which is not really typical of the species. I am guessing that he was brought up in a rack system and received little attention in his early life. That might also account for his small size (for a male- he weighed 46.2g when these photos were taken). He's banded, but het. for jungle. I tried breeding him, but he was just too much of a wuss to succeed.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05.








My poor, contrary Rasputin. As you can see in the pictures, he had major problems with properly shedding the skin on his toes before coming to me. He still definitely has the most consistent difficulty with that of all my geckos. When he first came to me, he needed help every time. With his attitude, it was really a trial of my patience. But in the end, I think all the handling really calmed him down. Now he will even consent to being held (briefly) without trying to launch himself into midair. Well, most of the time.

He has had a lot of bad luck with breeding. When I tried to breed him to Veruca in the 2005 season, only one egg made it close to term (it was a jungle, which is how I know he carries jungle genes). This may have been due to my incompetence, but perhaps not. The only offspring he successfully sired was Bug (with Slinky), who was deformed (see the link to her story below). I tried again in 2006, giving him access to Pablo and the stunning Nimbus. He spent most of the time hiding under the paper towel substrate! Ultimately, I think he's either too scared of the females to breed, or perhaps too weak to dominate them. I still think he's a cool guy, and I'm glad to have him in my home, but he's not going to be bred in the foreseeable future.

This is the photo of him that was shown in his ad.

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