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This picture copyrighted to Tundra Geckos.

Penguin is a lovely, pudgy girl. I purchased her from Tundra Geckos, along with Trox, in November of 2005. I estimate her to have hatched in 03/04.

I don't have any pictures of Penguin right now, other than her purchase picture. I'll be taking photos of all my guys again soon.

Anyways- Penguin was included in an ad, along with Trox. They were on sale for a song, and I went for it. Though it was Trox that had especially caught my eye, I was pleasantly suprised when I saw Penguin in person. She's also stunning. Though she's not as 'snow' as Trox, her pattern is nice and bold, and she's larger to boot.

Penguin is a very sweet girl (to humans). Her favorite thing to do is to loaf in her humid hide. It seems like she does that 24/7. It certainly makes for a peaceful relationship with any cagemates she's had. The only thing about her that irks me is her seeming complete unwillingness to mate with Caiman. Every time I expose her to him, in his territory even, Penguin freaks whenever Caiman goes to make his move. Caiman is a fairly experienced guy. He's also a big guy. You wouldn't think he'd be intimidated by a pudgy, lazy female. But she throws a fit, and then goes to hide in his humid hide. If I take it out, she chases him under the paper towel! Poor guy! I am guessing that she's not receptive right now because the time is just off for her, biologically, for some reason. So I'm going to continue to periodically give it a try. I sure hope it works out, as I bet Penguin and Caiman would produce some of the best stripes out there.

Well, the 2007 season was an eventful one for Penguin. I was determined to breed her, and she was determined not to. First I tried to breed her with Caiman, then I tried to breed her with Adonis. She sent both of them running for the hills. Then, to my horror, she got an impaction. She had eaten some of the perlite in her nesting box. This helped to elucidate why Trox had passed on. From now on, nesting boxes and humid hides (especially of breeding females) will be particulate-substrate free. Also, egg-laying females will be provided a diet richer in calcium. Penguin has recovered fully, and is currently mighty satisfied with a cage to herself. I am definitely doubting that she'll ever agree to breed. It's kind of cute to have such a feisty female, but also a pity, because she's so gorgeous.

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