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Pablo is a big, willful female. I purchased her from Geckoville in the Summer of 2003. She hatched on 6/1/03.

Pablo is a very bold-patterned jungle. She is sort of the inverse of Myrtle- her tail is striped, and her body is swirled. Her background color is also similar to Myrtle's, but more grey, and with a bit of yellow in a few areas. What stands out about her coloring is the boldness of her black markings. I bought her from Geckoville at the same time as Caiman, Veruca, and Mew. She was initially the smallest, so I housed her alone. She shortly grew into the largest of the four, and swapped with Caiman (who had decided on being male). She quickly took over the roost.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05, when she was 50g (she is usually more).








Ah, Pablo. She is definitely the most forward and assertive of my females. She's not shy at all. Any time she has had cagemates, she has been the alpha-gecko. Unfortunately for Rasputin, this seems to have carried through into intended mating sessions! She's the first to grab prey, the first to come out when she senses something's going on. When I first got her, she was the tiniest leopard gecko i had ever seen in person (at the time). I named her Pablo for 'little,' as I remembered my 1st grade teacher telling me the name meant. Now she's more Amazonian in scale, but I love her just the same. Pablo has yet to lay any fertile eggs.

Pablo is the only gecko of mine, ever, to escape her cage. Somehow, she managed to push the top door out of its locking cleft, and jump to the floor. I had been napping (luckily, with my cats in my room with me), and when I woke up and saw her little cage-top door hanging open, I freaked out. I contained my cats and set to work quickly and carefully. Within a half an hour, I found her sitting smugly on the carpet, wedged behind something. She now has a massive rock sitting on top of her cage. She's a cheeky little bugger. Never turn your back on Pablo!

**10/07 update** The 2006 season wasn't fruitful for Pablo. She laid quite a few great-looking slugs (infertile eggs), but not single fertile egg. I mostly blame myself- what was I thinking, trying to pair her up with Rasputin the wuss? He spent all of their time together hiding under the paper towel in their tank. Anyway, I decided not to try and breed her in 2007. She's got such a great bold pattern, I would like to breed her at some point. But if she's too feisty for my boys, I suppose there's nothing I can do.

Pablo's baby picture!
She may look innocent, but don't let her fool you. Photo by Geckoville.

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