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Nimbus is simply gorgeous. I purchased her from Lizard Lair in November of 2004. She hatched on 9/9/04.

Once I discovered Lizard Lair on the web, I watched their available page like a hawk. When Nimbus was listed, I struck! She's just what you want in a snow- no yellow at all. She has a jungle pattern and coloration similar to Myrtle's. Her background white is lighter than Myrtle's, though. Also like Myrtle, she's a fairly petite girl.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05, when she weighed 43g.






Nimbus' stand-out quality is her beauty. I know that sounds odd, when all leopard geckos are awesome, and I have quite a few, but something about her just says 'take my picture!' She's got a good personality too. She is rooming with Gamble, and they do alright with each other. Neither one of them will take any sass, which leads to a few squabbles. Right now I'm trying to breed her with Rasputin, which is turning out to be nothing but frustration. I love Rasputin, but I think he's heading quickly towards celibacy. Nimbus is so gorgeous, I simply have to breed her, and he's not coming through on his part of the bargain. Though it could be me, or maybe he's just having bad luck with Pablo and Nimbus. Either way- Nimbus has yet to lay any eggs.

**10/07 update** Well, Rasputin has been retired from breeding, and I was just gearing up to breed Nimbus to Caiman in the 2007 season when all sorts of tragedy struck. So she had all season to rest, and grew into quite the little princess. She started hogging all the amenities in her tank, so I moved her roomie, Gamble, into a tank of her own last week.

Nimbus' baby picture!
Photo taken by Lizard Lair, copyrighted to them. Used with Permission.

Nimbus' Father, Studmuffin
Photo copyrighted to Lizard Lair, used with permission.
Nimbus' Mother, Sassy
Photo copyrighted to Lizard Lair, used with permission.

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