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Mew is one of the sweetest geckos I have. I purchased her from Geckoville in Summer of 2003. She hatched on 4/15/03.

I purchased Mew at the same time I purchased Veruca, Pablo, and Caiman. All of those guys are examples of the many colorations that can result from an animal that was born with only black and white markings. Mew's coloration is interesting. She has very even spotting- not quite small enough to warrant being called a speckled, but she may have potential to have speckled babies. As an adult, you can't even tell that she is banded, her background color is so uniform. She completely lacks purple/lavendar, and has only the yellow. She is very pudgy, and I have to watch her diet carefully. She's just adorable.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05, when she weighed 53g.








Mew may not have the most desirable 'snow' coloration, but that's not really what I'm focusing on, in my attempts to breed her. What is special about her is her incredible temperment. She's a total doll, and will chill out with you to watch a movie. She's lived with a variety of cagemates before (Veruca, Pablo, Lucretia), and always gotten along swimmingly. So I decided to breed her to Adonis, since he is such a little luver too. She has yet to lay any fertile eggs, though she just got started.

**Update 10/07** Well, the 2006 season was unproductive for Mew, but it may well have been something I did (or didn't do). I didn't try to breed her in 2007. She's just as sweet as ever, getting along swimmingly with her cagemates. Soon she and Runtly will have a 20L all to themselves.

Mew's baby picture!
This photo was taken by Geckoville.

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