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Lucretia is the third gecko I acquired. I purchased her from Geckoville (now defunct) in the summer of 2003. She hatched on 4/28/03.

Lucretia was the first gecko I bought from Geckoville (a breeder that no longer exists). She has a stripe-like pattern, and a pastel-ish coloration. She has lavender and yellow hues. When she was a juvie, she had only white and purple coloration. Her facial structure is very delicate, she looks very girly in person. I named her after my favorite belly-dancer.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05, when she was 45 grams.










Lucretia has a very distinct personality. She has a sort of paradoxical nature. She's very inquisitive and always wants to investigate things. But on the other hand, she's very skittish and shy. Usually she gets agitated for the first few seconds she's being held, and then calms down & starts to explore her surroundings. She also does very well with cagemates. At various times, she's roomed with Mew, Pablo, and Veruca. She has yet to lay any fertile eggs.

**update 10/07** In September, I was shocked to notice a distinct crimp in Lucretia's tail. It looked a bit like a cartoon lightning-strike. I told her veterinarian about it, and he pointed out that it was not likely a symptom of malnutrition. That would affect the long bones, since she's already an adult, and her bones had finished growing. She now has her own 10-gallon, where she seems to be doing fine. I hope to take her in soon to have her tail x-rayed, to get to the cause of the problem. She will not be bred until this issue is cleared up.

Though all the photos taken by Geckoville...
... are copyrighted to them, what does that mean when they no longer exist?

Lucretia's baby picture!
This photo was taken by Geckoville.

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