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Lemmy is my primary vanity gecko. I purchased her from Crested Gecko on 3/1/04. She hatched in June of 2003.

When I say that Lemmy is my #1 vanity gecko, I mean that there is no way I'll be breeding her, and I never intended to- I bought her solely because she is awesome and and I wanted her. Lemmy is a Patternless Rainwater Albino. There are many other websites that explain the ins and outs of the genetics of leopard gecko coloration better than I can. So, suffice to say that she is two neat things at once. She is a pastel yellow, with an apricot-colored area on her tail. Her eyes are a pastel pink.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05, when she was 43g.








Lemmy is the only girl who could rival Mew for the title of 'sweetest gecko in the colony.' She's very mellow. I also suspect she may have been effected by inbreeding in her genetic history, somewhere along the line. She has a kinked tail, and a dent in her head (which is hard to see in photos). I also think she may have a slight degree of mental retardation. She is prone to digging at the paper towel in one area of her enclosure, slowly and purposefully. As it happens, it doesn't bother me. I think she is a sweet girl, and she seems quite content with her lot. However, for this reason she'll definitely never be bred, even if a stunning young Patternless RW Albino male showed up at my door. She's a gentle soul, and gets along very well with her cagemate, Veruca. Her name comes both from the obvious fruit and the singer for Motorhead.

Lemmy's original sale photo!
Photo copyrighted to Crested Gecko. Used with permission.

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