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Binky is a robust girl and a busy-body. I purchased her, along with Slinky and Rasputin, from a moron online in the Summer of 2004. She is estimated to have hatched in the Fall of 2003.

Binky is a fairly large girl. She has a darker coloration consisting mostly of grey and some lavender tinting. Her pattern is banded. When I bought her in a lot of three off an online classified, her troubles began. The three of them failed to be picked up to ship the day they were supposed to, and so they spent an extra day in transit (with me panicking). Shortly after arrival, I discovered that Slinky had pinworms, and so they all had to be treated. All I know about them is that they were originally from an "east cost breeder.' I was told that Rasputin and the girls were unrelated, but Bug's story gave me reason to believe otherwise.

This first set of photos (including the one above) was taken on 11/16/05, when she was 52g.




Binky is the only female I've had who has had problems shedding on her own, other than her sister, Slinky. She seems to have grown out of it. When she first arrived, she ate like an insane beast, grabbing silkworms and shaking her head violently back and forth, splattering their innards all over her cage. It was definitely a unique spectacle.

At one point, I attempted to house her with Myrtle- big mistake. Myrtle will not consent to share her living space, and that housing idea was quickly canned. Then i tried to house her with Slinky, her own sister, who also was a witch to her. One day I thought to house her with Penguin, and they've gotten along well. Overall, Binky is a pretty mellow lady. In some ways, when she is just letting it all hang out, she reminds me of my first gecko, Jeeves. And just as Jeeves was, so is Binky, awesome to have in my family. I haven't tried to breed her yet, I may in the future.

**10/07 update** I still have yet to try and breed Binky. These days she has a cage all to herself, and she's a hoot to watch.

Binky's original purchase picture

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